PillowCube: A square peg for a square hole.

It wasn’t long ago that PillowCube was just an idea to fill a literal hole in the pillow space.

Over 70% of Americans identify as side-sleepers, yet every bedding company was making the same old sack of fluff. This created the rare circumstance where a majority of people felt like they were the neglected minority. Many of us at Creatably just so happened to be a part of that exclusive club of 140 Million-and-some-odd number of people.

We started with a simple introduction. “Meet your new pillow” and the rest is history.

But to us, it is a core part of OUR history. For the first time we got to test and try the things we have been telling our clients and see if they work. Now not everything we did was a home-run, but our basic thesis proved to be very effective. If you want the formula, you can copy it:

A lot of people think a video alone can blow up their business. We know that it has to be coupled with the right product, and the right marketing strategy.

And then we did something different. Rather than creating insulated campaigns each quarter we continued to iterate creating campaigns that build on each other and compete against each other building a thriving VIDEO CONTENT ECOSYSTEM. We can reach new audience segments, answer new questions and release new products without having to discard precious campaigns.

Making a robust content ecosystem makes your videos last longer and reach farther and that means a greater return on your investment. And for Pillow Cube, that has meant growth squared, or maybe I should say growth^3. (just a little math humor for you).